The Merrick Foundation, Inc. is a vehicle through which individuals, families, corporations, civic associations, non-profit organizations, and private foundations can make gifts to benefit the Merrick county area. Earnings from the investment of these gifts are used to address a broad range of community needs. The Foundation provides the highest quality service to donors from all walks of life. Individual gifts and bequests are managed as a related family of funds, resulting in significant economy of scale in both investment management and administration. These funds enable the Board of Directors at the Foundation to work in partnership with the community to respond to its varied, urgent, and changing needs. For more information on how you can join our community of donors, please call (308) 946-3707 or e-mail to

To make an online donation, choose a fund below, then click the "donate" button to be directed to a secure location to enter your donation amount. Memorial donors may select the "Memorials" fund option in the pull down menu unless another fund is selected. Memorial fund donations will go to the Merrick Foundation general fund. Fund owners will receive acknowledgement of the online donation on your behalf.

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Merrick Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to improve the quality of life in Merrick County. The Merrick Foundation Federal Tax Identification Number is 47-6024770.

Names of investment managers, fees charged and the names of our Investment Committee (investment oversight) members are available in the Foundation office at 1532 17th Avenue, Suite B, in Central City, Nebraska.

Public Availability Policy: Merrick Foundation's annual audit and IRS form 990 is available for review at the foundation office. Notice of this availability shall be included in the Annual Report. If a form 990T is submitted by the foundation, it shall also be made available to the public and notice shall be included in the Annual Report.


Advantages To Donors

Lasting Legacy - The mission of the Merrick Foundation is to build permanent resources for community needs. To that end, we encourage our donors to build endowments. Permanent gifts will express your personal values and benefit the community in your name forever. And, you and your descendants can add to your fund at any time.

Memorial Opportunities - Funds can be named for you, a loved one, or an organization so that future generations of beneficiaries will always know the source of their support.

Professional Management - The Merrick Foundation provides careful stewardship of your assets to ensure the greatest investment performance, lasting buying power, and preservation of principal.

Tax Advantages - Because of its tax status as a public charity, gifts to the Merrick Foundation qualify for maximum tax deductibility.

Public Accountability - The work of the Foundation is publicized throughout the year and in our annual report. An independent audit is performed annually.


What Kinds of Funds Can a Donor Create?

Donors can specify the general or specific purpose(s) of a gift in keeping with their own goals and interests, or contributions may be unrestricted, to be directed toward the most pressing needs of our community. Either way, a contribution to the Merrick Foundation will have a lasting impact.

Unrestricted Funds enable the Foundation to respond with maximum flexibility to changing community needs and emergencies, to support innovative responses to community issues, to leverage unique charitable opportunities, and to enhance the overall quality of life in the community. Donors place no restrictions upon how these funds are used, leaving the most effective charitable application to the discretion of the Foundation.

Field of Interest Funds support a broad area of concern, such as the arts, education, youth, health or the disabled. The donor entrusts the Foundation to select specific agencies within a broad field of interest as award recipients.

Designated Funds ensure that permanent support is provided to specific charities named by the donor. Grants from this type of fund are often used as operating support by the recipient.

Donor Advised Funds provide a way for the donor to advise the public charity on their wishes about granting income from their fund with the understanding that the public charity and not the donor has ultimate discretion and control over the fund.

Agency Endowment Funds offer the benefits of the Foundations' investment management services to non-profit agencies seeking to build endowments for long-term needs.

Scholarship Funds are dedicated to the continuing education and training of youth and adults. Scholarship programs may be designed to meet the donor's specifications. For example, scholarship criteria can be based upon specific talents or achievements, or be available to students graduating from a specific high school, studying a particular subject, or attending a certain institution.

A separate fund may be established with a donation of $5,000 or more to the Merrick Foundation, Inc. Of course, gifts of any amount may be added to other existing funds. Gifts of $25,000 or more qualify the donor as a benefactor of the Merrick Foundation.


Other Donor Options

Wills, Living Trusts(Bequests) - Many people choose to provide for charitable interests by making gifts through their wills or living trusts (bequests). Bequests can be made in the form of specific amounts of cash, other property, a percentage of the overall estate, or all or a portion of the residue ("what's left" after other bequests have been fulfilled).

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust/Charitable Remainder Unitrust -

Both are irrevocable trusts featuring income based on the value of the property given. The annuity trust pays a fixed income based on the value of assets at the time the trust is created, while the unitrust provides a fluctuating income based on a fixed percentage of the trust's annual value. Advantages include: income for life, avoid capital gains tax if trust is funded with appreciated securities, receive immediate charitable income tax deduction, possibility of reducing your estate tax, and the satisfaction of supporting the Merrick Foundation.


What Types of Assets Can Be Donated?

The Merrick Foundation, Inc. accepts a wide variety of assets, including

· Cash · Securities · Retirement Plan Assets · Real Estate · Life Insurance Policies

For advice and assistance in specific cases, the services of an attorney or other professional advisors should be obtained.


Information for Legal and Professional Advisors

As a professional advisor, you are in a unique position to help increase the philanthropic resources of the community by working with the Foundation. Whether your clients are interested in tax relief, building a family tradition of giving, or finding an effective alternative to a private foundation, the Foundation helps you address their charitable interests and goals. Through a variety of gift planning options, we can help you serve your clients in developing bequests, donor-advised funds, and trusts.



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