National Standards

Merrick Foundation is pleased to announce that it has received National Standards accreditation from the National Council on Foundations. National standards were created by the Council to foster excellence in community philanthropy. Foundations submit documentation to confirm they meet all of the national standards set by members of the Council on Foundations. Merrick Foundation was first accredited under the National Standards in 2008.

National Standards certification requires that a foundation must be recognized under all applicable IRS code sections and be in good standing with state and federal regulators. Foundations must be organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.

National Standards provide leadership in achieving operational excellence. They promote community foundations to use innovative methods to solve complex problems.

The standards confirm:
1. Merrick Foundation has met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy.
2. A commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability.
3. Grantmaking is open, competitive and designed to address the changing needs of our community.
4. A history of honoring donors’ wishes by supporting arts and literary groups, youth programs and health and safety for all ages.